Youth Baseball Team Names

    baseball team

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youth baseball team names

Comiskey Park 1910-1990

Comiskey Park 1910-1990
Growing up in the late 1960"s – 1970"s we had more than our parents and less than our kids. We had no video games, internet, traveling youth sports and had 4-6 channels on Chicago television.
Baseball was everything to many of us then. We woke up in the morning, grabbed our baseball glove, put it on our handle bars of our Schwinn Sting Rays and met our buddies at the neighborhood park to play baseball. We were outside and played till our Mothers called us for dinner. If it was Sunday and not many kids around 3-4 of us would play fast pitch behind the school wall. Chicago kids remember playing "Pinners" in the schoolyards where we threw the ball against the wall and other kids tried to catch it on a fly.
Growing up baseball cards and going to see a game was something special. Well… Going to see my favorite sports team of all, the White Sox at old Comiskey Park was like going to Disney to me.
When driving down the Dan Ryan to 35th st. I could"nt wait to get in the park with my Dad. When entering the field area I would think of all the history in this baseball palace. From the Black Sox, Ruth standing at home plate, to the 1959 World Series and much in between.
There were the older names that came first who played here, Ruth, Gehrig,
Shoeless Joe, Apparaccio, Appling, Nellie Fox, Minoso and much more.
Then I have memories of this old ballpark myself.
Like the Southside Hit Men with Gamble, Zisk, Bonds Sr., The Winning Ugly team with Larussa, Luzinski, Paciorek, Burns, Fisk, etc…
Also the memories at Comiskey, Harry Carey sitting shirtless in centerfield bleachers doing a broadcast and taking a shower that Bill Veeck installed. Then there was Jimmy Piersall in the booth who criticized every player who made a mistake.
There was Andy the Clown, The Picnic and beer garden where you could yell at the players up close. Disco Demolition, the catwalk out by the pinwheel score board, Twi Night doubleheaders where you left the park after midnight.
Anyways the new park is great to me. We won a World Series just a few years back that the other team in town hasn"t done in over a century plus.

This shot was taken, April 29th 1990 vs. the Toronto Blue Jays.
Go White Sox!

Hiroshima Man

Hiroshima Man
I met a man from Hiroshima. An artist, a mentor of youth, a gentleman, and a flier of handmade toy propellers. He is the manager of a youth baseball team called the "Amigos", and the name fits the man perfectly.